British Columbia’s Highways

Inspired by the classic London Tube Map, this map of British Columbia's highways is simple and easy to understand, making the province easy to navigate, even for the most directionally-challenged.

October 2012
Print Media
Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2013: Print Comm.


Current highway maps are over complicated and hard to use, especially when you just need to know how to get from point A to point B. The classic London Tube map, and countless other transit system maps from all over the world, are not at all complicated. They show just enough information to be useful to travellers. They just make sense. So I thought, how can I apply these design principles to a highway map? This is the result.

This map has the potential to reinvent how both locals and tourists navigate my home province. It’s simple, relatively geographically accurate, and just works. Of course, it also reveals how barren and empty the upper part of this beautiful province is. I’m currently working on the rest of the country, so stay tuned!

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