The One With The Couch

It's like I'm always stuck in second gear... Nothing like a good graphic about our favourite 90s sitcom to get the feelings of nostalgia rolling. This one in particular was a quick project I did in the first week of classes last fall. Really though, it was just an excuse to binge-watch Netflix.

September 2016
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The iconic orange couch played an integral role in Friends (1994-2004)

The first friends I made in New York.

This graphic maps some of the most significant moments that happened on the set of Friends, on or near the Central Perk’s orange mohair couch. The sofa appeared in 236 episodes of the long-running sitcom, and although initially found in a Warner Bros basement, proved to be a fan favourite. It also turned out to be a favourite spot for our six beloved main characters, as we can tell from how often it was front and centre.

Like that time Ross tried to convince Rachel and Phoebe that a type of sushi was an intense form of martial arts (S6E17 The One with Unagi). Or that time that the gang walked in to find their seats taken by another group (S3E1 The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy). Or that time that Gunther served them coffee!

Hover below to zoom in and get to know the scenes. Each character has a colour, and every scene is placed more-or-less where the conversation detailed took place.